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1 Malaysia Support for Housewives (1MS4HW)

1Malaysia Support for Housewives (1MS4HW)

The National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) is a strategy that was introduced by our Honourable Prime Minister to focus on creative idea generation, collaboration between departments, involves minimum cost and could be implemented immediately in order to improve the Government’s public delivery system with high impact results.

The Ministry of Human Resources has been entrusted along with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development to implement the 1Malaysia Support For Housewives programmes. The programmes also involve the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, and public-private partnership unit.

Career Info Centre (CIC)

Career Info Centre (CIC)

Career Information Center serves as a 'One Stop Centre' for all groups of jobseekers to prepare jobseekers for finding work. It also serves to provide career guidance and disseminate information to all levels of jobseekers (graduates and non-graduates).