Enquiries or Complaints

You can lodge your enquiries/complaints through the following channels

1MOCC Call Center

1MOCC is a single point of contact center that operates 24 hours a day, seven days in a week to answer any public enquiry, complaint, suggestion and feedback via phone call, short messaging system (SMS), fax, email and social media. 

Phone number and SMS : +603-8000 8000 
Fax Number : +603-8000 8000
Email : 80008000@1mocc.gov.my
Facebook : facebook.com/myGovernment
Twitter : twitter.com/myGovPortal
website : www.malaysia.gov.my



Complaints Format:
Complaints FormatType KSM Department Code ADUAN [complaints] and send to 15888
 Eg: KSM JTK ADUAN [complaints]  
 List of Departments Code
JTK - Labour Department (Peninsular Malaysia)
JTM - Manpower Department
JPK - Department of Skill Development
JKKP - Occupational Safety and Health Department
JHEKS - Trade Union Affairs
BPM - Information Management Division
MOHR SMS Gateway



Labour Department of Peninsular Malaysia   03-8886 5192
Industrial Relations Department   03-8886 5460
Manpower Department   03-8886 5555
Department of Skills Development   03-8886 5589
Occupational Safety and Health Department   03-8886 5343
Trade Union Affairs Department   03-8886 5499
Department of Labour Sabah   088-238755/233830
Department of Labour Sarawak   082-242261/082-242050
Social Security Organisation (SOCSO)   03-4257 5755
Human Resources Development Berhad   03-2096 4600
National Institute Of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)   03-8769 2100
Skill Development Fund Corporations   03- 2084 0500


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